Frustrated by having to weld in new panels upside down and developing back problems from it, we decided to make 914 restoration as easy as rotisserie cooking of a chicken. Simply sit or stand in one place and spin it around! Yes, this custom built rotisserie perfectly fits your 914 so that body restoration, display, and portability becomes easy! Super strong with heavy duty rollers, the rotisserie can be specially ordered in any Porsche color you desire!

Click here to buy the Porsche RT914 - ROTISSERIE; BODY SUSPENSION DEVICE; 914


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91155509200 - REAR COVERING
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91155509200503 - SIDE PANEL TRIM
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911555092005BC - SIDE PANEL TRIM - Beige
91155509200708 - STRIP FOR SWITCHES
91155509200709 - REAR COVERING
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911555092008AU - SIDE PANEL TRIM - Lobster
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