Frustrated by having to weld in new panels upside down and developing back problems from it, we decided to make 914 restoration as easy as rotisserie cooking of a chicken. Simply sit or stand in one place and spin it around! Yes, this custom built rotisserie perfectly fits your 914 so that body restoration, display, and portability becomes easy! Super strong with heavy duty rollers, the rotisserie can be specially ordered in any Porsche color you desire!

Click here to buy the Porsche RT914 - ROTISSERIE; BODY SUSPENSION DEVICE; 914


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We have hundreds of thousands of Porsche Parts in our catalogs. Below are just a few examples, click any of them for more information.

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9285220590437A - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue/black
9285220590437B - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue/black
928522059043JV - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Greyish Green-white
928522059043NN - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown-beige
9285220590440C - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown
9285220590440D - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Cork
9285220590445A - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown-beige
9285220590447A - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown/black
928522059044FH - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Light Grey-black
928522059044CR - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Black
928522059044GP - BACK SEAT CUSHION
928522059044MR - BACK SEAT CUSHION
928522059044NV - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Beige/brown
928522059044TN - SEAT CUSHION
928522059044WJ - SEAT CUSHION
9285220590450C - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Beige
9285220590457A - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Beige/black
928522059045LZ - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Burgundy
928522059045HR - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue
928522059045MU - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Burgundy
928522059045TC - SEAT CUSHION
928522059045RH - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown-grey
928522059045UY - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Grey-beige
928522059045WZ - SEAT CUSHION
928522059046GF - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue
928522059046HZ - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue
928522059046LB - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Burgundy-grey
928522059046LN - SEAT CUSHION
928522059046UV - SEAT CUSHION
928522059046WC - BACK SEAT CUSHION
928522059046TR - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown
9285220590470F - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Black
9285220590479A - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Black-white
928522059047BN - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Black-white
928522059047GH - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue-grey
928522059047NU - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown
928522059047NZ - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Brown
928522059047SA - BACK SEAT CUSHION
928522059047TH - SEAT CUSHION
928522059047ZK - BACK SEAT CUSHION
9285220590480D - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Lobster
9285220590483S - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Red-blue
928522059048GJ - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Blue-white
928522059048BF - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Anthracite
928522059048FU - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Grey-beige
928522059048NB - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Beige/brown
928522059048XV - SEAT CUSHION
928522059048RR - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Grey-beige
928522059049BE - BACK SEAT CUSHION
928522059049FN - BACK SEAT CUSHION - Grey-beige-white